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Romeo and Juliet by SquirrelGirl15

This is beautiful! As a dancer, I love ballet artwork of any kind, and you have done some truly awesome work (both this drawing and sev...

Les Miserables - Her Love by IngvildSchageArt

First of all, I don't know WHY ON EARTH you said that this sucks and looks ridiculous. It's so, so fabulous. As to the execution and te...

Bloody Feet II by Donttellme

This is quite the picture. As a dancer, I often get bloody toes, so I can totally relate to this. It looks to me like the blood and dir...



Until yesterday, the last time I had been on deviantArt was several months ago, and the last time actually submitted any artwork was over a year ago. Yikes. Oops! I would like to reassure you that, contrary to the evidence, I am still alive and making art. Here's what's been up with me:
I've done several pencil drawings recently, some of which are decent, but none that I thought were spectacular enough to post.
Has anybody heard of Wreck This Journal? I got a Journal recently and have been enjoying Wrecking it artistically. :)
A few weeks ago I bought two large framed canvas's, so I've been contemplating what to use them for. Any brilliant ideas for what I should paint? (Though really, if you have any brilliant ideas, I'm sure you want to use them yourself!)
I spent two weeks this summer at a summer church camp as a Junior Counselor. I also went on a mission trip with my youth group that was absolutely fantastic. I met so many wonderful people, learned a lot, and developed several wonderful friendships. That was by far the highlight of my summer! What was yours?
Well, the school year is starting back up again, and with that, of course, comes all the crazy busyness. I love it though.

Here's my problem -  I can't promise more artwork any time soon, though. I've been doing plenty of artwork, some of which I would love to submit, but I got a new computer with Windows 8 and I absolutely can not figure out how to put photographs on the computer, let alone edit or upload them. If you have any computer knowledge at all, please help!!!


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United States
I am a homeschool student who enjoys art of all kinds, especially pencil drawing, jewelry making, photography, piano, singing, and dance. I also love politics (crazy, right?), hanging out with friends, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Josh Groban and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Christ Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I hope that everything I do, art or otherwise honors him.

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Looks like we have a lot in common - I love the dance photos and the piece you liked of mine is a young adult/youth fiction that I am writing. Book 1 is done and I will put the first chapter up soon, book 2 in the writing page still!
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Awesome! Your writing sounds great! I can't wait to read more of it. Are you planning on attempting to get it published, or just keeping it online?
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